Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Back....

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted anything. I had lots of things we were going to do the past month, but I couldn't do them because I got sick. At first I just thought it was the flu...although it seemed a little late in the season for that. So the doctor did a chest x-ray, and an ultrasound on my stomach area, and lots of blood work. They ruled out a lot things that it wasn't, but never were able to determine what knocked me flat on my back for 3 weeks. There were many scary when my fever kept spiking up to 104-105 degrees every night. Thankfully, Tylenol brought it down quickly, but the night sweats made it very hard to sleep. They finally changed my antibiotic and gave me some sleeping pills to help me rest. That's when I started making the turn for the better. Now I finally over the fever and finished with my antibiotics. I've very weak and have no appetite whatsoever. But I'm trying to get into the shop at least several hours each day...and making myself eat at mealtimes. So, hopefully, each day will find me stronger and with more stamina than the day before. I've missed being in the shop. And I don't know what I would have done without Melissa, Kelora, Paula & Leigh to keep things going. You gals are the best!!

Although it's a little late in the month, we do have a Winner for our Knitter of the Month for May. It's Linda Overly!! Linda, be sure to come in and pick up your $20 gift certificate. She brought in a couple of projects to share. A lightweight summer shawl she made out of Noro Yuzen. She used a simple pattern of K1, yo, K2tog. It's really beautiful and I'm sure she will get a lot of wear out of it.

She also brought in a baby blanket she made out of Plymouth Encore. The pattern was the Pine Forest Baby Blanket. It looks very soft and warm for a special little one.

Pat made this gorgeous shell using Mango Moon Mantra and Chakra. This was Plymouth Pattern #1601 that she redesigned using the beaded yarn on the top and non-beaded yarn on the bottom. Very nice job, Pat.

Pam made these fingerless gloves for her cousin who was graduating from college. She used Jawoll Magic yarn and used a pattern from the Not Just Socks book. She said he absolutely loved the gloves. Good yarn choice, Pam.

Mary made a cute toddler jumper using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Pattern was Plymouth #C163. Great job, Mary. It's adorable.

Marilyn used Classic Elite Provence to make Just One More Row's Heartbeat Sweater. She suggested that picking up with a size smaller needle and knitting the ridges with a size larger needle will help for a better fit. Good advice!

And she also made the famous Berroco felted coasters out of Berroco Jasper. She used a size 8 needle in order to get 4 coasters out of a skein. Using 2 different colorways gave just enough leftovers for a 9th coaster. These are great coasters to make for gift-giving. They are quick to make and do a super job of absorbing the moisture off glasses.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for all the well wishes I have received during my illness. I feel so blessed to have come through that dark time. It's good to be back at the shop.