Monday, March 31, 2008

New Yarns

I've had several new yarns arrive at The Yarn Haven this month and I have neglected to tell you about them. I posted them on Ravelry, but not everyone is a part of that knitting community, so I guess I'd better post on my blog as well.

First of all, I'll update you on yarns/accessories that have come in the past few weeks...
  • South West Trading Company's Karaoke
  • Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool (I've got some more colors of this one ordered.)
  • Misti Alpaca in solid colors of the lace weight and handpainted colors of the worsted weight (more solids in the lace weight have been ordered and some handpainted lace is also on its way)
  • Denise Interchangeable Needle Sets
  • Learn to Spin Kits
  • Paternayan Needlepoint yarn (for all those needlepointers who can't find any needlepoint yarn in the Knoxville area)

And then this past week I received:

  • 6 new colors of Plymouth's Baby Alpaca DK yarn
  • several new colors of Plymouth's Royal Llama Silk yarn
  • couple of new colors in Plymouth's Encore DK yarn

I have a couple of more boxes to open and stock...and I'm suppose to receive 3 more boxes of inventory by UPS tomorrow!! So new yarns are coming...and I'm getting new colors of some of the yarns I normally stock. Hope you'll stop by and see all of these wonderful yarns in the near future.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Show and Tell Friday...umm Saturday

Sorry I didn't get to post the show and tell items yesterday. I had a busy day...and then it slipped my mind. But without further ado, here are the items I have to show you this week.

Lisa wore her beautiful cardigan in recently. She had taken the yarn from a Cherry Tree Hill kit that was originally selected for a shawl pattern and made it into this gorgeous sweater. Nice job, Lisa.

And Marti came in wearing a ribwarmer vest that originally had been created by Elizabeth Zimmerman. This particular vest had some variations to it, but caused me to make the decision to go ahead and order some of EZ's ribwarmer patterns. They should be here in the next week or two. Marti also brought in the Entrelac Felted Purse that she created from Mimi's class. I like the colors she chose for her purse.

And last, but not least, Diane finished the Scrap Yarn Scarf she started from the Girls' Night Out Workshop that Lisa did last month. The blues and whites of this scarf remind me of a snowy day. It will be great for next winter...and hopefully, we'll get some snow to go with it.

I have to tell you of a comment that a little guy made while in the shop this week. He was looking at all of the yarns and said something like, "No wonder they call it Yarn Heaven." He obviously had misunderstood and thought that the shop's name was Yarn Heaven instead of The Yarn Haven. Even a little child understood about the beauty of yarn...and yes, it can feel a little like heaven standing here looking at all the beautiful yarns. How wonderful to live in such a time when there are so many options of fibers used in yarn!

Have you heard about the Earth Hour tonight?? Apparently, everyone around the globe is being asked to turn off their lights this evening from 8:00 - 9:00 pm. This is an effort to raise awareness about energy conservation. It will be interesting to see just how much energy is saved by doing this. Have a great evening!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Malabrigo Bins Full Once Again

The Malabrigo yarn bins are once again full. And there are a couple of new colors! Don't all the colors look beautiful together! This 100% merino wool has been flying off the shelves so fast...and reorders are taking so long...that even though I just received 2 bags of every color, I'm going to reorder again this week. Because it will be 2 months before we see another order come in the door. I know that the folks in Uraguay are swamped with orders and dyeing this yarn as fast as they can. That's what they get for creating such a wonderful yarn! I don't think they had any idea it would be so popular. And if you'll notice in the picture, there are a couple of empty slots. Those slots will be full with the next order because I'm going to add a few more colors so that we have 45 colors of Malabrigo.

I'm glad to see folks buying it for more than just our "Block of the Month Club". I can't wait to make a sweater myself. Now if I can just decide which color to choose.

If you'd like to be a part of our "Block of the Month Club" and try out this yarn, then please join us on either the 1st or 3rd Tuesday or Saturday each month if you are a knitter, and on either the 2nd Tuesday or Saturday if you are a crocheter. The class is from 1 - 2 pm and is free with the purchase of just 1 skein of the Malabrigo yarn each month. Each month you will make a 12" x 12" square by learning a new stitch pattern. After 12 months you'll have a beautiful throw and we'll schedule a class showing you how to put the squares together. I often tell folks that picking out which colors you want to use in your throw is harder than the stitch patterns. And if you want to make your throw larger than the 36" x 48" finished size, then you can simply add more squares. You will have some leftovers from your monthly skeins that you can use for that if you choose. Skill level for this class is everywhere from a beginner to a intermediate crafter. You can start doing the squares any month because this is a class that will continue to rotate even after the 1st year has been completed.

If you're a more advanced knitter or would just like more of a challenge, then watch for a new "Block of the Month Club" coming in the fall that is definitely for our more experienced knitters.

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon at The Yarn Haven picking out your colors of Malabrigo.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My New Grandpuppy

What a funny weekend we just had. On Saturday, we had my granddaughter's 5th birthday party at Cove Park. It was sunny and warm...although a bit windy. A perfect day to be outside. Then on Sunday, it was cold and cloudy and made our annual Easter Egg hunt with the grandkids a little shorter than usual. I mean, who likes to hunt eggs if you have to wear a coat! I'm ready for warmer weather, and it looks like this next week will be a much warmer one.

And I did something new this year for Easter. Up until this year I have always made an Easter basket for my grown kids as well as my grandkids. But you know, I never can remember which kind of Cadbury egg that my grown kids like. Is it the original one...or the caramel one...or the chocolate one??? So this year, I bought some of each kind and put them in an Easter basket on the coffee table and told the kids to pick out the kinds they liked best. It took all the pressure off of me...and they all seemed OK with this new approach.

But the highlight of the weekend was meeting my new grandpuppy, Daisy. My youngest daughter and her husband just got this little yorkie and already she rules the place. I had to laugh when I saw her on Sunday in her "Easter dress". It's like my daughter is playing with dolls all over again. Having said that, I'm probably going to be just as silly. Cause I took a few measurements of this cutie...just in case I get the notion to make her a sweater. Guess I'll need to make one for my own little Benjy if I make one for Daisy. I don't want him to get jealous.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter reflecting on its true meaning. I'm so thankful to have a Savior who cared enough about me to give His life up for me. He is truly a risen Savior who is changing my life each day.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

I have 3 finished projects to share with you today. First are Beata's Jaywalker socks. She said she did them a little different by doing them toe-up. She used the Lang Jawoll Color Aktion sock yarn to make these for her hubby. Don't they look great!

Then we have the clothes that Melissa made for a doll. She's looking very chic these days, don't you think?

And finally, another doll. Robyn made this "Darling Dolly" out of the Wildflower DK yarn. The pattern is in Zoe Meller's Nursery Knits book if you want to make one. She's a very sweet looking dolly.

Have a great day...and keep working on your knitting and crocheting so I'll have finished projects to show and tell everyone about.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Tips for St. Patrick's Day

What better day than today to talk about how to make our world a greener place. So I’ve got a couple of green tips for you. Not far from The Yarn Haven is a Goodwill Industries Recycling Center. I go there to drop off items that I have to recycle. They take plastics (with recycling # of 1-7), aluminum cans, newspaper, flattened cardboard, mixed paper (like phone books, catalogs, magazines, etc), and glass. They also take other household items that they can sell in their non-profit shops. Here is the link for a map of this center and others around the city of Knoxville.

I think the first key to recycling is to ask yourself a question before you throw anything away. Ask yourself “Can I recycle or reuse this item?” Many times the answer will be “Yes”. But knowing what types of materials can be recycled will help you to put action to that question.

Other green tips that I personally do:

  • Fill a big glass jar with water and put it in the tank of your toilets. That way every time the toilet is flushed, it uses less water.

  • Change the margins when printing out something so that you use as little paper as possible.

  • Reuse envelopes that come in the mail: to do lists, bank deposits, put mailing label over address and reuse it (be sure to blacken out any barcodes at the bottom), etc.

  • Pay my bills online so that you don’t have to use more paper to send in your payments.

  • Bring your own bags when shopping…and don’t forget to use them. :-)

  • Shop at used book stores instead of buying books new. My favorite is McKay’s Used Books. Sometimes you can get knitting books there that look brand new.

  • For items you no longer want, but don’t want to simply trash, go to and find someone else that will take the item off your hands. (You’ll have to set up an account, but it’s free.) I’ve gotten and given several articles this way that would have ended up in the landfield otherwise.

So there are my green tips for the day. Why don't you share some green tips with us that you do. And have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Yarns/Accessories Have Arrived

I finally was able to get some needlepoint yarns in the shop for all of those people who simply can't find them anywhere else in Knoxville. I now have about 75 colors of the Paternayan Persian Wool. So if you know anyone that does needlepoint, I'd appreciate you sending them my way. I'm not going to be stocking any other needlepoint supplies other than the yarn though.

Also we got in the Denise Interchangeable Needles. This set has 10 needle sizes (sizes 5-15) and 6 lengths of cords (5", 9", 12", 14", 16" and 19"). You also have connectors to put 2 different lengths of cords together if you need a longer cord. They come in a compact plastic case and are considered to be airline safe because of the materials they are made out of.

And finally, we've added the Misti Alpaca yarns to our shop. We have some of the handpainted worsted weight and some solid colors in the lace weight. I heard about this yarn company a while back and I'm so excited to finally get some of it in the shop. More of their yarn will be coming soon.

Oh...and I almost forgot to tell you that I now have buttons in stock. I'm trying to get the more unusual buttons that you can't find anywhere else. So I hope you'll remember to come to The Yarn Haven the next time you're looking for just that right button that will make your knitting or crocheting project complete.

That's it for now. Hope you'll stop by the shop soon to see all the new stuff.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

It's another rainy day on the outside...but there's fun and excitement on the inside of The Yarn Haven. I want to share with you several works of art from my customers today. We'll start with Pam's "Stash Yarn Scarf". Now those of you who missed the Girls' Night Out Workshop last month are going to kick yourselves for not being there and learning how to do beautiful scarves like this one. It looks very nice on well as her new "hairdo".

Next we have Tracy's felted hat out of Cascade 220 yarn. While it is a simple, elegant black color, see how she's spruced it up with flowers. This is a great way to make something really stand out and be noticed.

And then Sarah shares with us her fingerless gloves made out of Sirdar's Baby Bamboo. They are so soft. And the mosaic socks were made out of Brown Sheep's Wildfoote...with a design she created herself out of Crystal Palace's Panda Cotton.

Thanks everyone for sharing. I love it when you bring your finished objects into the shop for me to see...and share with the rest of the world. :-)
P.S. Sarah told me that she didn't design these socks herself. I had misunderstood her. But she was kind enough to give us the pattern.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday Night Knitting Club

What fun we had last Friday evening at our Friday Night Knitting Club! We had a large group of folks come to learn how to make felted stitch markers. Cary showed us how to form the little balls using roving, how to roll them after putting them into hot water, and then once they were the right size, how to put the jewelry findings on them to make them into stitch markers. I decided to make a set in the 3 colors of The Yarn Haven's one more using all 3 of the colors. I put regular jump rings on two of the stitch markers and then locking ones (using leverback jewelry findings) on the other two. Here is a photo of the ones I made.

Cary makes these felted stitch markers and then stitches designs on them using DMC floss. She even has an Etsy Store with her sister where she sells them. Be sure to check out her store for some fun designs - Etsy Store: Jelby. You've got to see the Easter egg stitch markers she designed. They are too cute. Thanks, Cary, for sharing with us how to make these stitch markers. It was such a fun evening making the stitch markers, and eating, and talking with everyone that I didn't even pick up my knitting needles all evening! I hope you'll join us for the next FNKC on Friday, March 21. Maybe I'll get some knitting done next time. :-)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Today I have a several finished projects that my customers have made to share with you. First of all, there is a pair of fingerless gloves. Laurie made these for her husband out of Noro's Silk Garden. They look great and will keep his hands nice and warm as we finish up the last few cold days of winter this year.

Then Donna made little sweaters for her two maltipoos. They are both made out of Noro's Silk Garden yarn. Aren't they simply adorable! The one on the left is Ruby and the one on the right is Herschel. I believe she said that Herschel's sweater was made from the leftovers of the Zoe Beret class she took from Mimi. Now that's a good way to use up leftover yarn.

And then here come the dolls... Mary made these two cute little dolls out of leftover yarns as well...although I think she may have bought some yarn for their body parts...and maybe for their hair. The doll on the right is Dolly...named such by my granddaughter who was in the shop one day when Mary was working on her. The other one in pink is named Mary. Mary's done a great job on these dolls and is having so much fun making them. She's also working on another one that is made to look like a certain famous person. Can you guess who it might be?? I'll share that doll with you once she finishes. If you have an interest in making these dolls, why not join us on April 19, 26 & May 3 for our "Best Friends Dolls KAL". We can all sit around and share ideas on how to make and decorate the dolls we are making. Let me know if you are interested in this knit-a-long.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Malabrigo, where are you??

Oh where, oh where is my Malabrigo order? It’s been weeks and weeks since I placed my large order of Malabrigo. And the bins are looking so empty. Almost every day someone either calls or comes in to see if it has arrived. I know you all are getting tired of waiting on it to get here…because I am too. Many people are not able to continue their Block of the Month because their colors are not in stock. So rather than moping around, I thought it would be fun to have a contest guessing which day the Malabrigo will arrive. The person guessing closest to the correct day will win a free skein of Malabrigo in their choice of colors. So stop by the shop and put your best guess in the ballot box. At least while we’re waiting, we can have some fun!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring is just around the corner

OK...maybe it was the beautiful weather we had yesterday, but I'm ready for spring. I always wish for just one snow storm each winter...just one. It doesn't have to be a lot of snow...just enough to close things down so everyone can take a day to stay home and have a break. A couple of weeks ago when snow was in the forecast, I mentioned to my granddaughter how fun it would be if it snowed...because we could all stay home and sit by the fire. She looked at me and said, "Grandmomma, that wouldn't be any fun at all. It would only be fun if you could go outside and play in the snow." My, how our perspectives are different. But as usual the snow never came this year. And now I'm over it. I'm taking down my "Let It Snow" flag in the flowerbed at home...and the snowman hanging by the door. After all, with daffodils blooming in my yard, they do look a bit silly.

And Easter will be here in just a few weeks. If you'd like to knit up some Easter eggs, stop by the shop. I've created a kit with everything you need in it to make 5 different colored Easter even includes the stuffing! It was fun designing them...but my kids all thought they would make good stress relievers by squeezing them. Go figure.

And the Leap Day Sit 'N Stitch was such a fun time that I think we should have another designated day to sit around and enjoy each others' company while knitting or crocheting. So the first day of spring on Thursday, March 20 will be The Yarn Haven's "Spring has Sprung Sit 'N Stitch". If you've not gone out of town for Spring Break, stop by the shop and join us. We're even open until 8 pm that evening, so you can come anytime from 10 am until closing.

Enjoy the wonderful rain coming down today. We sure need it. And it makes for a perfect day to work on your current project...or at least one of them. :-) Have a blessed day!