Saturday, November 29, 2008

Show and Tell Saturday

Yesterday was soooo busy that I never found the time to do show and tell. After we closed the shop last night all I wanted to do was go home and put my feet up. What a fun day...but a busy one! My daughter, Sarah, got to come and spend some time with me at the shop. It was a treat having her here. Unfortunately, I had to wear my boot most of yesterday. I'm concerned because I don't think my foot has made much improvement. I know that it takes time to heal these types of injuries, but I'm not a very patient person when it comes to physical problems.

Well..on to show and tell. Melissa brought in a pair of socks she made out of Crystal Palace Panda Wool. She used the free pattern from Ravelry for Komet socks by Stephanie van der Linden. She also showed me a sock she had made for her son out of Crystal Palace Panda Cotton and Brown Sheep Wildfoote. She said her son had been wearing the first sock even before the 2nd one has been completed.

Ann finished her sweater from the Weekly Class. Lisa helped her make up the pattern out of Noro's Silk Garden. The buttons she added were the Tagua Nut ones we had here in the shop. Didn't she do a nice job!

Missy just got a refresher course in crocheting about 2 weeks ago after years and years of not crocheting. Her first project was to crochet this darling baby blanket out of Cascade 220 superwash yarn. The pattern is in the Hooked Throws book that we have here in the shop. She had this blanket finished in less than a week. Way to go, Missy!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. If you need ideas for gifts for Christmas, I hope you'll come to The Yarn Haven for all your knitting and crocheting needs. Let the shopping begin!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The boot is off!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that my foot had healed enough to get out of the boot. YEAH!! I will still need to use the boot for a couple of weeks anytime I need to be on my feet a lot. He gave me some arch supports to put in my shoes that should continue to help in my recovery. And he said not to walk barefoot. I go back in 6 weeks for a recheck. Hopefully, the tendon will be 100% by then. It feels sooooo good to not have to lug that boot around.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I know I have a lot to be thankful for.

Blessings to you all!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

I couldn't wait to show you Mary Beth's creations this week. First of all, she made this darling scarecrow. Using his tail, he even stands up. Instead of the corn field, he's guarding the Yarn Bells. Very cute and just in time for Thanksgiving. And then she made this little gnome. He is just as cute. Both patterns are from Alan Dart of the UK. There are several sizes of the gnomes. Mary Beth made the small one so she could use him as an ornament on their tree. Both the scarecrow and the gnome are darling. Great job, Mary Beth!

I also have Betsy's diagonal sweater to show you. She used a Mother of Purl pattern (which we have in the shop) and Ella Rae Palermo yarn (which we also have in the shop). This self-striping yarn is a great choice for this pattern. This is the pattern that used in making my sweater this summer for The Yarn Haven Olympics. It's an interesting design. I think several other people are also in the process of making it, so I hope to show you this design in other colors in the near future.

Have a great weekend...and stay warm!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Unusual Sight

I didn't get to go to the mountains this fall to see all the trees in their beautiful colors. My hubby and I used to go for a weekend getaway every fall. But the shop has just kept me too busy this year. Plus the fact that it's hard to go on a hike lugging a boot on your foot. :-(

But I've enjoyed seeing the trees down here in the valley turn colors. And then the wind came and blew most of the leaves off the trees. My backyard looks like a sea of leaves. I'm hoping my son will see the need to try out his new blower this coming weekend and gather them up.

Seeing all the leaves being blown off the trees and scattered everywhere caused me to stop short this week when I saw the most unusual sight. I was sitting at the bank when a tree caught my eye. Most of the leaves were off the tree. But instead of being scattered everywhere they looked like they has just been dumped on the ground. It looked so strange that I had to take a picture to show you. It's like the tree just decided to let them all go at once. It's amazing that the wind hadn't come along and scattered them. I'm betting when I go to the bank again the leaves will all be gone. But at least for a moment in time, I got to see this unusual sight. And it did make me smile.

Take some time today to look around you and find something that makes you smile. I've heard that smiling will add years to your life. And if you also get the time to knit or crochet today, then that alone could add a few more years.

So keep smiling!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the patience they have shown me as I get around on my bum leg. I go back to the doctor in about a week and a half. My foot seems better, so hopefully the time being off of my foot has healed it enough that having some arch support will now correct my problem. I've gotten real tired of wearing this boot though...and while having a wheelchair has been wonderful in keeping me off my feet, I can honestly say that I can't wait to walk normally again. And then it hits least I will be able to get out of this chair and take off the boot and walk again. So many people must live their lives in a wheelchair. I have a much greater admiration for them after being in a chair for the past 3 weeks. So I have many things to be thankful for. Thank you also for all of your warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

Today I have 3 things to share with you...a purse...a belt...and a baby.

Leigh made this purse from a Berroco pattern a while back and just recently finished it up. It's a great purse and the Yarn Craft leather handles she used look great with it. Nice job, Leigh!

Reynie came in the other day for more yarn and was wearing the belt she had made out of Noro Daria yarn. It was too cute. We have lots of colors in this yarn and this belt would make a great Christmas present. Free pattern comes with the yarn purchase. Very cool, Reynie!
And now for the cutest baby...Emily's little one is modeling his Baby Surprise Jacket made out of Plymouth Encore yarn. Emily sure did a nice job on the jacket and her little one sure seems to enjoy wearing it. He comes to visit us at the shop on some of the Sit 'N Spin Saturdays. I've heard several people say that they just come on those days to see him. He's quite the popular guy. Thanks Emily for sharing your little one with us. He is just too cute!

Well, enjoy the rain today. It's a great time to just sit and knit or crochet. Blessings!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Isn't this crazy weather we've been's cold, then it's hot, then it's cold again. Don't you just love East Tennessee this time of year! But while I complain a bit about it, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. This is home to me and I feel so blessed to have been born in just a beautiful part of the country.

For show and tell today, I wanted to show you some of the things that the gals in the Weekly classes have been making.

Melissa made up the Amanda Hat out of our soft, soft Malabrigo yarn. I really like the Amanda stitch pattern. In fact, I need to get back to work on finishing up the fingerless gloves I designed in that stitch. Note to self...move the gloves up a bit on the priority list. Nice job, Melissa!

Marilyn made the Mock Entrelac Scarf out of Plymouth Encore yarn. I'm sorry this picture doesn't show the pattern very well. But Marilyn did a nice job on the scarf. By the way, this is a free pattern when you purchase Feza Cyprus Mohair yarn. Come to the shop and check out the model on display.

Mary took some of the Tahki Bunny yarn and turned it into this gorgeous vest. There's still a little bit of this wonderful yarn left in the sale bin. They have discontinued the variegated colors and this is an excellent time to get it at a good price. Mary, your vest looks great!

I think all the gals taking the Weekly Class have been learning a lot of new things and having a ball. Thursdays here in the shop are busy, busy, busy with everyone coming to class all day long. We now have a Wednesday morning Weekly Class as well. And I hope to have classes on Tuesdays after the first of the year. So if you want to learn how to further your knitting skills, then come sign up for one of our Weekly Classes. The next one starts on Thursdays on December 4.

Can you believe it's only 48 days until Christmas!!!!! It's time to start knitting those Christmas gifts! Stop by the shop to see some examples of things you can give for Christmas. We have both knitting and crocheting ideas.
Have a great day and keep knitting and crocheting!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From Scarecrow to Pirate

Last Sunday night as my son was getting my granddaughter's things ready for another week of school, we realized that Monday was Pirate Day. Not sure why we missed that bit of information before, but we had about 1 hour before bedtime to turn my little cutie into a pirate for the next day. She didn't really have anything in her wardrobe that looked like a pirate, so I went looking in my clothes. I finally found a turtleneck shirt that would look very billowing on her...with the sleeves rolled up. We didn't have black pants, but she reasoned that she was a girl and she should have pink pants. I added a scarf for a belt and put on a bandana around the head. She put on some rainboots that a friend had given her last year, but quickly realized that they were so small that she wasn't going to be able to wear them. She looked cute, but I realized that every good pirate needs an eye patch. So I quickly sat down and crocheted her an eye patch...with a hole in the center so she could see. Here's a photo of her the next morning right before we left for school. She was putting on her best pirate face and saying "Aarrgghh". I hope before the next dress up day comes we have a little more warning. I think we did pretty well considering the lack of time we had, don't you.

Speaking of dressing up, Amanda stopped by to show me what she wore to work on Halloween. A lot of people would say that's the reason they have a they have money to buy yarn.

And lastly today, I have another recipe for you from our Friday Night Knitting Club. Carmen brought Mexican Fudge last time and it was delicious. Very quick and easy to make.

You mix together 4 eggs, beaten; 8 oz. cheddar cheese, shredded; 8 oz. mozarella cheese, shredded; and a 4 oz. can of chopped green chilies. Dump mixture into a greased 8" x 8" pan and cook at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Let cool and serve at room temperature. Try it the next time you need an appetizer.