Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our New Farragut Shop

Having two shops to run has been a lot of work...but a lot of fun.  We're starting to feel more settled in our new shop.  Although we still have some work to do at making sure we have everything we need moved from our Cedar Bluff shop. 

I thought that today I would share with you before and after photos of our new Farragut shop.  So here is what our shop looked like before we moved in.

And now we have some new plants that Melissa planted, and yarn balls hanging on the porch, and our shop pet standing guard outside the door.

Inside we had to tear down a wall to open up our gathering table area.  Here is the before...

and here is the after shot.  Looks a lot different, doesn't it!

And our couch area looked a lot different as well....

until we added a comfy sofa to make it more home-like.

Upstairs, was a big empty room.....

but as you can see, we are starting to fill it up with wonderful yarns.

And the slanted wall threw us at first.....

until we saw the possibilities of what we could do with it.

So there's a quick tour of our new shop.  We hope you'll stop by soon to see it upclose and personal.  It's really quite cozy and I can't wait to get some rocking chairs out on the front porch.  Hope to see everyone soon!

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Star said...

ooh yes, your new shop is truly scrumptious Sandy. I've sat at that table and learned to spin with Kelhora and now I'm back in England for a while and I'm lovin' the spinning and being able to knit up my own yarn.
The new shop is very pretty and welcoming and I really hope you all do well there in the years to come.
Now I feel homesick for Farragut because I really enjoyed looking at your pictures.